Keyword and Rankings on Google, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube

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Keywords rankings are the most things business owners, entrepreneurs check after doing extensive keyword research and optimizing your website and your marketing, you are going to want to see the results of all your hard work.

The problem is that many people look to search engine rankings as the primary indicator of success, and unfortunately, that’s the wrong place to look.

1.  Rankings are an Unreliable Indicator of Success.

In the first place, we’re going to tell why rankings are an unreliable indicator, but we’ll also point you to better measurement indicators.

First and foremost, simply because you see the rankings changing or not changing does not mean that it isn’t changing for others.

Web Search Keywords Rankings Are Personalized.

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Search keyword rankings are dependent on and not limited to:

That is to say, it is because the search engines actively personalize the search results for each searcher.

Your search history, your social activity, your YouTube views, all of your recordable activity influence the results that you see.

It is the goal of the search engines to personalize the results for every person.

2.  Search Keywords Rankings are localized.

Secondly, results change based on your location, region, time, and each data centre around the world delivers similar results but not the same.

Searches on Google, Bing, YouTube, Facebook before displaying results from the search list use the following:

  •  IP address
  •  Location
  • Region
  • Time
  • Data centre like the weather data centre

3.  Search Keywords Rankings Reports Are Outdated.

Thirdly, any software that advertises that it tracks results is either breaking a search engine’s terms of service.

As a matter of fact, it can get your website banned, and typically Google is much more aggressive about this, or it operates using an API key to access a server that delivers that type of information directly to the software, and that information is hardly useful.

Search Keywords Rankings software might be:
  • Rank –checking Software is against Terms of Service for Search Engines like google.
  • ‘’Legal” rank-checking uses an API
  • API connects to a specific server for this purpose.
  • Not ‘’Actual” ranking data

It’s to provide results to automated software rank checkers. So what can you do to avoid measuring vanity Ranking?

What Should You Measure Instead of rankings?

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Not to mention, we can affect your website keywords Rankings through optimization, but to measure what everybody sees is out of your control, we have just experienced Covid19 – Corona Virus impact and people were searching for virtual tours instead of vacations tours.

Here is the key:

With all the Search Engine Optimizations best practices we will apply to your website.

Conventional thinking says, you should be able to measure the increase of website visitors, and higher rankings mean more visitors. We optimize pages for specific concepts and words to get the right visitors.

Now the most direct method to measure the results is to measure the number of visitors to the relevant pages.

Therefore, your success rate in gaining website leads, online registrations, sales and subscribers (Conversions), conversions are the factors directly under your control.

In summary, by measuring the conversion rates of these things, you will be able to track the success rate of visits to conversions.

Additionally, you will connect some of the pages to the keywords that you used to optimize them, the page itself, the content, and how you sell your company to gain the conversion is all in your control, and that’s where we can make the biggest impact in your business.