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How much does a website Design cost in Uganda?

A good business or NGO website will cost hundreds of thousands or Millions of Ugandan Shillings. Web design cost depends on number of pages , functionality and the business desired goals.

Price Range: UGX 1,300,000‬/=(USD 360) to USD 55,618 (UGX 200,228,800)

how much does a website cost

How Much Should a World-Class Best Website Design Cost in 2023 ?

In 2023 on average, a very High-minded thought-out cost of a good website design, which includes web hosting for one(1) year & full web development & design the price range is:

  • UGX 1,300,000‬/=(USD 360) to USD 55,618 (UGX 200,228,800)

While routine website maintenance ranges from:

  • $30 (UGX 108,000/=) to USD $1,375(UGX 4,950,000/=) / month per month —  or $200 (UGX 740,000/=) to $3000 per year

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2023 Start-Up Web development pricing in Uganda

Our Website Design with reliable web Hosting Start-up Package for New Uganda Legally registered business/Non-profitable organizations including:

  • Branding/Logo Design,
  • SEO
  • Keyword Strategy
  • well-thought-out digital marketing strategy
  • Content Creation
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Content Management System(CMS),
  • Competitive Analysis

the price is UGX 3,600,000/=(USD $1000)

What is Excluded?


And prices shouldn't scare you off to get started with New website development or site Upgrade. It sometimes depends on your budget and the measurable results you need for starters.

Some businesses can operate offline or online, it’s our work to build and maintain your website Design and Design System style in today’s digital world.

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