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September 30, 2019
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April 15, 2020

Social Media Optimization (Audit) and Marketing -Trophy Developers Uganda.

Social Media Optimization (Audit) and MarketingTrophy Developers Uganda.

Welcoming 2021, A week hasn’t been going without big news surprises from the main social media platforms. Maybe Facebook or Twitter hanged their newsfeeds or Instagram Snapchat or maybe WhatsApp offering up a new Business API or YouTube decided to be more like a TV newsfeed or Google My Business added new adoptions. That’s what we’re going to cover Social Media Optimization and Marketing What’s new on the social media marketing landscape and what your business needs to know as we are introducing a social media audit service at Trophy Developers. And in this post, You’ll learn how to dig into your findings.

Describe the Current State of your Social Media Platforms.

First Things First, if you had to describe your business’ approach to social media platform(s) in one sentence, what would you say?

1. Strategic

Is it strategic, targeted, and has a great relationship with your customers?

2. Adaptive

Is it continually tested and adaptive?

3. Integrate

Are your social media platforms well-integrated throughout your organization?

4. Hit or Miss

That it’s a hit or miss activity?

5. Deficient

That social media’s still a sore point for certain members of the C-Suite? Or, maybe it’s a combination of all or some of the above. Regardless of the way you describe it,I think we can agree on a couple of things.

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Social Media Is Here to Stay

social media is here to stay and improving every day. the pace of change isn’t slowing down.

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google My Business, Linkedin, Pinterest keep tinkering and changing with their algorithms. LinkedIn is both a publisher and a job resource. Facebook, YouTube, and Snapchat are the new TV, the list goes on.

Integrate your Social Media in All your Internet Marketing Strategy Plans

And, as marketers or Small business owners, it’s up to you to manage your social media programs and integrate them with all your other plans and your website. Show Different Aspects of Its Personality of your Brand On Different Social Media Channels.

And, that’s the key. Integration and being true to your brand’s character and voice on whatever platform you’re on. That doesn’t mean you have to spout the exact same messages on each. In much the same way that you wouldn’t wear a bathing suit to work, hopefully, your brand should show different aspects of its personality on various social channels. You just have to know how to act in the setting you’re in and understand when to loosen or take off your corporate tie.

Let your Brand Values Guide your Thinking

For some traditional marketers who believe message consistency was everything, it’s fine when you figure out which aspect of your brand personality is most appropriate for the channel you’re on. And, there’s no pat answer here so rely on your brand values as a guide.

 Understand how your business customers want to hear from you.

You have heard this before but it starts with your customers.

The relationship you’ve built with them and knowing where and when they want to hear from you.

The shift from Selling to Helping

That means shifting your thinking from marketing to editorial, from selling to helping.

Focus on what you can do better than anyone.

And, it means taking an honest and critical look at your strengths and weaknesses.

And, the type of content you can excel at and which isn’t currently being produced. You also need to attach value to your social media efforts.

If you think of your content marketing as an asset, you’ll be more mindful of what you create and share.

Digital is trackable and measurable

And remember, digital is trackable and measurable not like those static roadside Signposts which you may not track who read it but don’t just fall into the trap of counting likes.

Establish measurable objectives or goals that tie into your business and marketing goals.

Quality over Quantity

In the early days of social media, it was all about volume and speed.

And, while it’s still important to respond as quickly as you can, there is no point in pushing out content for the sake of it. You don’t want to be thought of as a content polluter.

Make strategic choices – Contact Us, we conduct a Social Media Audit for your Brand or Business.

Select the channels you good at, with respect to your customers’ presence for those chosen channels through a social Audit, and learn how to both fit in and stretch the limits. Be creative and strive for excellence. And remember, selling is a nuanced action. It’s more than just pushing out your message over and over again. Contact us now we conduct for you A Social Media Audit for your business