After setting up your WordPress website the next step is adding blog posts. To attract search engines and people to your website, as you might already know the web is isn't print or TV advertisement so setting up your website blog the professional way is very important to hit the eyebrow's of your target audience, this is not science its more of an art of creating good content. Firstly Prepare are your Images, Videos, Narrative Story Text ready, links to other websites, Social Media channels, before you rush to write anything on your website blog. Add your headings (H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6) very well. You are not going to get good traffic without preparing your web content, some blogs will tell you that web is dead only when you're not ready to follow the best practices of the Search Engine guidelines and best practices. Don't Ask such questions like: Is WordPress still relevant in 2022? Yes, WordPress is still relevant in 2021. WordPress now powers 39.6% of the internet or 64 million websites globally, and today is the world’s most popular Content Management System (CMS) for building websites Technology is constantly being updated so there’s no way to know what changes may come in future versions, but this has never affected the need for WordPress. As long as people are writing blogs or building websites, they’ll continue to use WordPress and its customizable features, website templates, and more.
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November 5, 2021
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Developing your social media strategy document is important because it’ll help you clarify your company’s priorities, plan out your campaigns more thoughtfully, and collaborate with others.

Developing your social media strategy document is important because it’ll help you clarify your company’s priorities, plan out your campaigns more thoughtfully, and collaborate with others.

How to Start Social Media Marketing (5 Best ESSENTIAL Tips for Beginners) 2022?

Social Media Strategy: The Big Difference Between Businesses that drive results from social media and those that don’t

Doesn’t it seem like every company is active on Social Media Marketing, but at the same time, you only really hear about a few businesses doing anything particularly interesting or impactful on these platforms.

That’s because following the direction of a social media strategy is the big difference

between the companies that drive results from Social Media Marketing and those that don’t.

It is easy to have a mediocre approach to social media for business if you’re haphazardly active

on these channels without having a clear plan and a set of goals in mind.

 What Is a Social Media Strategy?

A social media strategy is a written document that maps out how your organization plans to use different social networks to achieve important business outcomes.

This document is where you’ll establish your goals for using social media, identify the audience you’re trying to reach, and build a roadmap for all your activities on those channels.

  What is included in the Social Media Strategy Document?

  • Clarifies Company priorities
  • Helps Plan Campaigns
  • Encourages collaboration

Download Social Media Strategy Template 
Additionally, Developing your social media strategy document is important because it’ll help you clarify your company’s priorities, plan out your campaigns more thoughtfully, and collaborate with others.

For example, we were recently working with a client where early on, it was clear that different departments at the organization (that business) were focused on conflicting activities on social media.

The primary cause of this problem was that there wasn’t a strategy established to coordinate their efforts around common goals to better organize their approach deliberately.

To avoid a similar situation, start developing your own social media strategy document that’s actionable

and results-driven by setting strategic goals to direct your campaigns.

A strategic goal is an outcome that’s meaningful for your business, easy to understand at a glance, and straightforward to measure.

Where are some of the Common Social Media Strategic Goals?

  • Improving Potential Customer Engagement,
  • Generating more leads,
  • Growing sales,
  • Increasing traffic on your website(s),
  • Expanding People Reach,
  • Enhancing Brand Perception

Uniquely important,  some common Social Media Marketing strategic goals are improving customer engagement, generating more leads, growing sales, increasing traffic, expanding reach, and enhancing a brand’s perception. While there are plenty of strategic goals to choose from, there are two important goal types you need to be aware of.

Two Important Social Media Strategy Goal Types to Note Now

  Ongoing Social Media Strategy Goals

Furthermore, ongoing goals define the overall focus of your marketing, as they’re the outcomes you’re always looking to impact with your activities on social media.

Like, if a Tour and Travel Agency were to set the goal of increasing their messaging’s reach on social media by 40% by the end of their first quarter.

That’d be considered an ongoing goal, as they are focused on it for the long term and it is likely a result most of their activities will help work towards.

Campaign Media Strategy Goals

While other goals you’ll set are directly related to measuring the success of a particular initiative, known as campaign goals.

For instance, if the same Tour and Travel Agency set a campaign-specific goal for the short term, like gaining 3,000 signups from their month-long Instagram Trips giveaway.

Outline a few goals in your strategy to strike the balance between investing in a mix of activities while not overcommitting and spreading yourself too thin.

It is time for your organization to become a leading example of how to use social media in interesting and, most of all, impactful ways by following your very own social media strategy.

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