How to combine Images and words? Principles of website design


Add text to an image to enhance

If I had chosen a lemon and added the word car, the lemon becomes a metaphor for the quality of a car. Images and words will always combine to change the meaning or enhance it. This is good. This gives you a larger set of tools to use.

A poor image & words combination

When images and words are combined and there is no increase or change in meaning, the solution fails. This is simply a caption. Used correctly, the words should never simply repeat what the image is saying. This presumes the viewer doesn't have the intelligence to understand the image. I don't need to see both elements.

A good image and words combination

A good combination is a good symbiosis. Neither element can live alone. The image of a man falling from an upper floor is striking. It is unexpected. The frame is cropped with four quadrants and we are left with questions. The headline, "They Always Come Down," adds to the mystery as opposed to "Man Falls from Roof."

How do we evaluate a good website with a good image and text relationship?

 How we evaluate information is the basis of a good image and text relationship. We first look at an image and then any text that helps us understand the content. This couldn't be truer with online sites and apps that allow users to upload their own images. Applying colorful text that overlaps and highlights the images maintains the energy of consistency of the app.

One of our favorite pieces of graphic design is this simple advert.

The innocent and hopeful image of friendship with no bias is strong on its own. The headline, "The blind are also colorblind," makes it unforgettable.

Remember, this isn't easy. You're playing with the meaning of an image with its cultural, historical, and literal meanings. Then you're adding words that have their own power and meaning.

We have practiced this and it works. The most important issue to consider is that once again, no element just sits there neutrally. Be aware that each choice you make creates meaning. If you think this through, you'll be fine.

What are the quick takeaways – What to Note?

Choosing images and effectively improving their meaning with fewer words is indeed a challenging yet crucial aspect of website development. It requires a thoughtful approach to visual communication and content strategy. Here are some strategies to help you succeed in this task:

Practice and Experience:

Like any skill, mastering the art of combining images and text takes practice and experience. Keep refining your approach over time.

Remember, practice makes perfect. Don't be discouraged by initial challenges. With time and dedication, you'll become better at selecting images and enhancing their meaning with fewer words.