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May 28, 2022
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July 22, 2022

How to design the perfect About-us webpage for your website?

What’s the first website page you read when you find a new company and want to learn their story? If you’re like a lot of people, it’s the company’s about us webpage.

What is an About Us Page?

In simplest terms, it’s a page on your website that explains what your business does. That sounds straightforward enough, right? Sure, it does. But, because of this, they’re occasionally treated like nondescript pieces of content, created to fulfill a requirement on a checklist. That’s selling those pages short, though. Get it right, and they go from a line item no one looks at, to an essential element of telling your company’s story. Approached this way, they’re:

  • Useful pieces of your site.
  • Essential pages for establishing who you are and what you’re about.
  • Worth spending time on to get right.

Great User Experience(UX) on The About-Us Webpage

Great User experience means making every visitor feel like your website was built just for them.
In this Post, we’ll focus on the about-us webpage.

One detail  about-us webpage that you really want to put on your website and also link from your navigation menu
is the about-us webpage. No other page does more for establishing visitors’ trust in what you offer.

The can I trust you page

In fact, the about us page might as well be called the can I trust you page.
Because you’re online visitors may never meet you in person, they need a way of knowing more about you so they can be sure you are okay to do business with, or that the information you’re providing is accurate.

Think about what that means for your site.
You’re about-us webpage is the best location to provide the details that will help someone to trust you.
Like all the other detail pages on your site, the content here should be truthful and open.

Truthful Content on the About-us Webpage

If you have a physical location, tell people the address, include a professional looking image of the building or even the interior of your location, if that makes sense.

If you don’t have a public facing location, use photos that show your facilities, production line, or the outcome of the work you do.

Say who you are, including contact details. At a minimum, link to a contact us form, but it’s much better to provide an email address and a phone number. If you’re providing a service, say what hours you’re available, either your store hours or your phone hours, and say what time zone you’re in.

Give visitors some history, how long you’ve been in business, your experience on what makes you good at what you do.
If you provide a service, mention some clients, mention your business’ size, and some other pertinent facts.
If you’re a small business, show profiles of key staff members.

You may also want to provide links to your policies, what work you do in the community, frequently ask questions
and other content that will help people understand if you’re a good match for their needs.

It might seem strange that we are calling out this one particular page, but about-us content can make or break your relationship with your visitors.

In studies we’ve run, participants look for whatever proof they can find that the website they’re on is trustworthy. The about us page is your one big chance to make a good impression.

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