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Greetings from the management of Trophy Developers (U) Co. Limited, a youth founded company with marketing and creating experiences that improve peoples’ lives through technology being the main venture.
Through our social community engagement events, we have come up with a social event branded as the “ the ghetto yellow party” to be celebrated across the four regions in Uganda.
We have come up with a wide range of settings and striving a pattern of activity and community a life that will help translate moral and sustainable percepts into the practical form of a new social loyalty.
The Ghetto Yellow Party summit readily acknowledges that to uphold high ideals and to become their embodiment willing to be launched on the 14th Feb 2020 at Aero Beach, Entebbe for the central region.
The ghetto yellow party is being committed to this path since 2005 and seek to pursue it not only explicitly skilful setting and developmental but across all fears of life.

The ghetto party summit commends the ambitions capture in the goals and targets of improving youths’ mentality and environment protection,
We have become increasingly recognized as capable and valuable resources both on ground and position of
coordination. Our actions have grown and our voices carry weight in the community.
And long-lasting assumptions relationship between the sexes has become a discussion and action
between the sexes through the following activities :

Event Activities

  1. Netball tournaments
  2.  Football tournaments
  3. Live music performances, dance and drama.
  4.  Innovational competitions and motivational speakers.

Viewed in this light social action is taking a form of empowerment in raising collective consciousness in our slum areas e.g. drug abuse reduction in oneness, justice, the equality of women and men demonstrating the values of unity and fortifying collective visualization, for this reason, the ghetto yellow party seek to reach beyond establishing a mere set of activities, but to address deeper issues as a mode of expression and patterns thought the behaviour of people living in Ugandan slums with your financial assistance such endeavours will have direct relevance to the goals inoculated to the agenda above.
Lastly, We will recognize all our Sponsors via the marketing and advertising media for appreciation.
We humbly welcome your assistance both directly and indirectly.