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How to make a great Keyword Research for your Uganda Website Design

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    Re-marketing by Uganda Website Designers - Trophy Developers Uga

    How to make a great Keyword Research for your website to rank higher on google in Uganda

    How-to Guide by Best Uganda Website Designers – Trophy Developers Uganda

    This is intended for our small business owners and start-ups business who choose to create their own website content for great online marketing success and this is just to give you basics  for which we can help you to improve on later with our powerful integrated online marketing tools and traditional Marketing to help you ranker high on your local search engines, enjoy!

    Let’s work Smarter Together!

    We mainly  conduct the keyword research to figure out which search terms are going to be most

    popular for your business’ website content strategy. We’re then use these terms to develop our overall integrated online content marketing strategy.

    So the first step to keyword research is brainstorming with you and our team its kind fun

    We get into the mind of your customers about those terms customers usually use to find your business services.

    For the purpose of this guide we used Trophy Developers Uganda’s  business Category as “Website Design” as listed on Google my business (GMB).

    Think about how a keyword relates to your category.

    What are the top things that people are going to be looking for?

    A simple starting place for brainstorming is to look at search suggestions from Google and other search engines provides.

    You get these by going to google.com and simply start typing in the search box.

    You’ll see here that as

    We start to type website Designers, Google is going to give me a series of suggestions (Drop down list) you can try from both Mobile and Desktop web view.

    Here we can see searches that are popular.

    how to make a website, Uganda Website designers, Trophy Developers, and so on.

    Now our category is Website designers.

    And whether or not people are going to be searching for best Website designers, entering the term here might help me see some trends.

    So I’ll start typing in website designers. And here I can see

    is an interesting result.

    What this is telling me is that people are using the term near me.

    Now that’s very conversational, but is this a keyword I might go after?

    Well, probably not. You see, Google is going to do the work of interpreting that keyword near me to deliver results that are near that user, as opposed to results that

    include the search term near me.

    Identifying your Local Keywords for Local Search Engine Optimisation

    Now just for fun I’m going to type in local website Designer

    Again, not something that people might be searching for a whole lot, but we’re just trying to brainstorm.

    But what we can see here is ideas on local Website designers, hire, logo designs, and websites.

    I could even start to type in additional letters. Here I selected the letter T and I notice right away, website templates.

    And that’s an interesting search result because later we might want to look at the particular search volume for that term, local web design company, and see if it’s a high volume search term.

    You see, if we offered web designing, we might think, well, how can we promote that on our website if customers or peoples are searching for it?

    If we didn’t offer web designing, we might want to look at how popular that term is in our city (Kampala) and decide if it’s something that we do want to offer. The next step in brainstorming is thinking of top questions that customers ask.

    Maybe for a website Hosting it’s, do you have free website hosting ? So let’s type in free website hosting into Google and see what appears.

    So right away we see that Google returns the local three free website hosting and this informs us that people who are looking for free website hosting are doing it with local intent.

    So they have the goal of finding a local website designer where they can get a free website hosting.

    As I scroll down, we can see that we have the best free website hosting company in Kampala, Uganda ,a term that got brought in simply by where I’m living.

    I didn’t ask for anything in Kampala, but again, because we have the local intent and we’re seeing those local results, Google is trying its best to offer me things local to where I am.

    Then the website designers for a local designers in Kampala. So if we offered free website hosting, we might want to consider adding this keyword to the ones that we want to research so we can identify how popular it is in the local context of our neighborhood for Local search engine optimisations.

    Now we’re going to get in to how to find that popularity in just a minute.

    What you want to do is continue conducting this research until you have about 10 to 15 ideas.

    Start really broad and then work your way more and more specific.

    Now it’s okay to have a handful of what we call long-tail keywords.

    These are going to be longer strings of text, such as Free Hosting , Website designers in  Kampala.

    You can definitely mix those types of keywords into your ideas. Another thing I should also point out is that often we won’t need to include that local modifier into our content development because Google is going to know through all the context clues we give it where your location is, therefore if somebody is looking for a Web hosting company near them (that User) and you offer free website hosting because a page on your website is dedicated to it and Google knows that our company is in say, Kampala, it’ll connect the dots.

    Our  Best recommended Website keywords Research tools (Research Keyword Modifiers) for both Local and International Search Engine Optimisations

    Now another great web keyword tools to look for more ideas are ubersuggest.io, Google AdWords, SEMrush.com and WordTracker.com

    And what you’ll do there is enter in your keyword e.g. for Uber Suggest select suggest

    in this case I’ll put in Uganda Website Designers

    What this is going to do is essentially automate the collection of that Google auto complete data. It sort of goes through the alphabet and identifies all the keywords that Google thinks are the most popular.

    Here I can see Uganda website designers, web design company, responsive web designers, best website designers,  website designers, and so on.

    This is a great way to start thinking about how people are doing searches around your local terms and to begin to package up these themes. Once you have your data source, we’re going to go look at search volumes and related ideas to figure out which ones are really worthy for your website content marketing Strategy.

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